When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mom. I'd stay at home with my 3-5 kids, play and take care of them all day long while my husband was at work. After I became a mom, I realized that these days that's not easy to do. More often than not, you need at least 2 jobs to raise a child. So I completely understood Valerie's joy when she emailed me to schedule a session to thank her husband Jake. He works hard to allow her to stay home three days a week with their kiddos. For Father's day Val wanted to give Jake some photos that would show him a sneak peek into their day, and that show the hard work, love, and learning that she gets to share with their children. They even created a little art project to tell daddy about all of the reasons that they love him. Val is an amazing mother, and Otto and Evelyn (how adorable are their names?!) are just so sweet, funny and smart... enjoy!