Brook and Matt Seevers were married in 2013. Brook brought 3 biological children into the marriage (Ruben, Hunter Ann and Isabelle, whom Matt is an amazing step-father to). They went through IVF and fertility treatments to try and conceive children of their own, only to realize that fostering and adoption would be a better choice for them as a couple. With their children's blessing, they went ahead and went through the rigorous paperwork and scrutiny to become a foster family. They had many children come through their door, and they agreed that if the parents lives didn't change, they would most definitely adopt no matter their age. During this time, they adopted Nayla who was 4 years old when she came into their home, and Emerson has been with the Seevers since 11 days old, right from the hospital. Trevin and Jaxon are biological brothers to Emerson. Their parents lives didn't get better and their rights were terminated in March. Matt and Brook agreed from the beginning that they'd love to have the boys live with them as well. So on this day, they adopted all 3 boys. They are so excited to share their home, last name and life with them. Below are a few of the sweet moments captured during the adoption and the celebration after, at The Mead Inn in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.


Don't miss their Family Film from the day HERE!

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