When you hear "family photography", chances are your first thoughts are of dressing up in matching outfits and heading out at sunset to a field, or to a photography studio, then trying to recreate that "natural looking" pose that you found on Pinterest. But your kids won't smile because they don't want to be there, and your husband is cranky because he's itchy in clothes that he would never wear, and he's trying to calm you down because you're so upset that you were all late to the session trying to comb knots out of hair, and iron pants, and it's all SO frustrating!!! >_< You just wanted pretty photos!

You'll be happy to know that documentary photography is the polar opposite of that. (Insert sigh of relief here). Documentary photography allows you to tell your story, and remember your life exactly as it is. You go about your normal day, and I capture it while it's happening. I won't direct you in any way, and there's no reason that you'd ever wear matching clothes in your every day life, right? So why start now? I want you to be REAL. Dirty floors, piles of laundry and all.


Now you may be thinking, "What's so pretty about ordinary?... and dirty floors?!" When we're living our everyday lives, a day feels just like any other day, one day runs into the next, and all the while your small daily routines are changing so quickly! You'll only be potty training your kids or reading them stories in bed for so long, and it takes years before we realize just how important these seemingly ordinary moments are! One day you'll have all the time in the world to clean those floors, and you'll be wishing you could travel back in time for just one more day, to when they were covered in tiny muddy footprints.


This is why I am a family documentary photographer. My passion is documenting your memories while they are happening, so that years from now you can look back and remember your stunningly beautiful "ordinary". Your life, home, and family are beautiful just the way they are, and these moments are just as worthy (if not more so!) of being on your wall. There's nothing more beautiful than a photo hanging up in your kitchen, of you bathing your tiny newborn in the kitchen sink... and what a precious keepsake for both of you to have later in life! Re-living your stories will mean so much more to you one day, than having those posed "everybody-cheese-at-the-camera" photos.


A photo session with a documentary photographer is like insurance for your memories. Before our session I learn about the things that you love to do together, what's important to you, your special quirks and everyday routines. You'll not only have photos (and/or film!!) that tell your family's story, but also that show how much you love each other. Capturing everyday moments will help your kids see and appreciate just how hard you work to take care of them. So don't settle for snapshots with your phone! Be IN the photos, and invest in these moments with the people that mean the most to you, with a professional. Everyone has a story worth telling. I promise, one day it will mean more to them (and you!) than you can imagine.



Bobbi K Photography also offers High School Story Sessions for seniors. These incorporate some casually posed portraits and a yearbook photo emailed to the school.